Call for Abstracts: Organized Session:

Qualitative Network Research

 at the Networks 2021 Conference, July 6 – July 11, 2021

– Deadline for submissions is January 24, 2021 

Dear all,

we would like to draw your attention on our call for abstracts for a session on “Qualitative Network Research“at the Networks 2021 Conference, July 6 – July 11, 2021 in Washington D.C.. The format of conference is hybrid in-person and remote ( / Networks 2021: A Joint Sunbelt and NetSci Conference).

Qualitative Network Research

We understand qualitative network research as the analysis of relational structures. Relational structures are contexts of social action and social positioning that arise from meaningful interactions. Relationships and their fabrics do not simply exist but are continually actualized. This understanding of social reality requires a specific research perspective on relationships in larger relational structures, which qualitative methods and methodology can provide. In this session on Qualitative Network Research, we want to engage in a discussion on how different traditions and schools of thought orient qualitative network research. We invite participants – amongst other foci – to present their empirical approaches, to discuss how researchers integrate theory, methodology and method in their work and how qualitative research approaches understand relationships and relational structures. Objects of qualitative network research can be concepts (milieus, fields, social spaces, families, mobility etc.), processes (genesis of networks, networking practices etc.), functions (integration, knowledge diffusion, social support etc.) as well as specific phenomena (e.g. status passages).

The organizers of this session are part of the network “Qualitative Network Research (QUALNET)”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), which brings together researchers of different disciplines to further the conversation around qualitative network research. The session aims to promote exchange between work within and beyond the DFG network on qualitative methods of social network research.

Submission Details: To submit an abstract for an oral presentation (15 mins) please prepare a one-page abstract (no more than 500 words) including one optional descriptive figure and caption. You will also be asked to supply broad topics and keywords for your submission – this will be critical in the review process. The deadline for submission is January 24.

Submission link: the abstract submission portal is available at

When submitting your abstract, select the Organized Session title Qualitative Network Research„.

We look forward to your submissions!

Primary Organizer: Theresa Manderscheid; Co-Organizers: Stefan Bernhard (IAB Nuremberg), Andreas Herz (DJI Munich)

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